Samasz KT - Central Suspension

High working speed, new design of Perfect Cut cutterbar, quick knife replacement, central spring or hydropneumatic suspension, possibility to transport the mower in three positions – these are only a few of main advantages of KT mowers !

Central suspension
Main advantage of central suspension is even balance, perfect ground following and wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees) enabling operation on uneven ground and in every condition. Centrally suspended Perfect Cut cutterbar can be lightened by means of springs or hydropneumatically.

Hydraulic safety breakaway device
Central suspension unit is integrated with hydraulic safety breakaway device, which protects the mower against hitting into immovable obstacles. In the event of hitting an immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back and at the same time rises about 30 cm. Afterwards, the cutterbar automatically comes back to its working position.

Hydropneumatic suspension
Thanks to hydropneumatic suspension, an operator can easily adjust force of the pressure of cutterbar on the ground by means of tractor's hydraulics. Owing to that the force of the pressure on the ground is always the same no matter how the terrain is shaped. Hydropneumatic suspension is a perfect solution on weak turf meadows, especially during mowing of the first cut after recent sowing (lucerne, clover, peat). It enables adjusting force of the pressure on the ground even from 70 kg.

Safety guards
• Lowered side guard – comply with european safety norms and at the same time shortens the distance between the knife and an obstacle „A”
• Protection tube – increases viability of safety curtain securing it against wearing through by the grass during operation „B”
• Clips – enable quick and easy unbuckling of safety curtain
• Guard's regulation – enables lifting and locking it in different position, helpful during quick knife replacement
• Lifted side guard – lower transport high, possibility to work near fences.

Lock mechanism (1)
Innovative, patented lock mechanism enables adjusting the mower in three different working positions, depending on operation mode: operation - rest - transport. Suitable position can be adjusted from tractor's cabin by means of a cord.

Regulated pins (2)
Suspension unit is equipped with regulated lower pins (positioning the machine left and right).

Manometer shows oil pressure in hydraulic unit, which reflects the force of the pressure on the ground. Lightening of the cutterbar is regulated by means of a lever from tractor's cabin.

The most important advantage of KT series mowers is a possibility to transport the machines in three different positions: upwards at the side of the tractor, upwards at the back of the tractor and horizontally at the back of the tractor. Suspension unit (lowered rotation point) has been designed in order not to exceed 4 m even when it comes to the widest mower KT 340.
Working positions: A - upwards at the side of the tractor, B - upwards at the back of the tractor, C - horizontally at the back of the tractor.

KT 301KT 341KT 301S
Working width [m/ft]3,00 / 9’10”3,40 / 11’2”3,00 / 9’10”
Swath width [m/ft]1,90 - 2,30 / 6’4” - 7’7”2,30 - 2,80 / 7’7” - 9’2”1,90 - 2,30 / 6’4” - 7’7”
Necessary hydraulic couplers2 x single acting 1 x double acting2 x single acting 1 x double acting2 x single acting 1 x double acting
Working capacity [acres/h]II/IIIII/IIIII/III
Number of discs [pcs.]7 88
Number of knives [pcs.]141614
3-point hitch cat.8,7010,008,70
Power demand [HP]from 80from 90from 100
Weight [kg]1060 / 10151130 / 10901415 / 1420