Understanding the needs of our customers, collaborative thinking and
continuous innovation – these were the founding principles of our company
80 years ago and continue to guide us today. It is because of this foundation
that many of our developments in the fields of pump, maceration, spreading
and biogas technology have been successfully implemented in numerous
industries and are market-leading technologies worldwide.
One thing is clear: idleness simply does not fit our philosophy. We are
continuously working to optimize our products and adapt them to customer
needs and prevailing market requirements: to help you ensure success in
your profession – engineered to work.
Like our company founders, we have a forward-thinking attitude and act
accordingly. Today and in the future, our company will continue to generate
innovative ideas and develop these concepts into products that align with
market demands.
With this brochure, we hope to provide you with insight into the world
of Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH. It should help you gain an
understanding of our methods for developing solutions and the services
we provide our customers all over the world.