Samasz KDTC - Shaft Drive

KDTC mowers have been the first disc mowers with central suspension in our offer. They have been manufactured since 2008 and have gone thorough modernization in order to be up to present conditions. Developed and proved design is an economic alternative to KT mowers. They can be equipped interchangeably with tine or roller conditioner.

Hydraulic safety breakaway device
KDTC mowers have the same hydraulic safety breakaway device as double-sided mowers. It protects mower against hitting into small obstacles. In the event of hitting an immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back about 30 degrees and at the same time rises about 50 cm. Afterwards, the cutterbar automatically comes back to its working position.

Transport position and taking turns over swaths
Putting the mower into its transport and working position and taking turns over swaths by means of hydraulic cylinder.

Advantages of use of KDTC mowers

  • Equipped with modern Perfect CUT cutterbar
  • Mechanical lock when taking turns over swaths
  • Regulated speed of cutting unit lowering
  • Regulated swath guides
  • Central suspension enables even weight balance on the ground and perfect ground following
  • Wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees) enables operation on uneven or steep terrain

Drive from central gearbox to cutterbar's intersecting axis gear is done through PTO shaft with friction clutch, which protects the cutterbar against any damage

Working width [m/ft]3,00 / 9’10”3,00 / 9’10”3,40 / 11’2”
Swath width [m/ft]1,20-1,60 / 3'11" - 5'3"1,40 - 1,70 / 4'7" - 5'7"1,20-2,00 / 3'11" - 6'7"
Necessary hydraulic couplers1 x single acting1 x single acting1 x single acting
Working capacity [acres/h] 3.50 / 8.703.50 / 8.704.00 / 10.00
Number of discs [pcs.]778
Number of knives [pcs.]141416
3-point hitch cat.IIIIII
Power demand [HP]from 80from 90from 90
Weight [kg]102012551120