Dribble Bar for Umbilical Applications

Optimum use of the impact of direct hosing

Umbilical application systems with no additional liquid manure transport vehicle are highly efficient alternatives, particularly for operations with large fields. Instead of being transported in a tanker, the liquid manure is pumped directly to the field via a pipework system. At the field, the umbilical application system is connected to the Vogelsang BackPac, which is installed directly on the tractor. The tractor, BackPac and draught hose spread the liquid manure directly on the field without a tanker vehicle having to drive across the field. This reduces pressure on the soil to a minimum and the direct connection to the liquid manure tank means there is no need for time-consuming refilling. During transport, the BackPac is folded together behind the tractor without increasing the width of the vehicle. BackPac is available with many useful functions and can be fitted with one central DosiMat LVX or ExaCut, or alternatively with two decentralised
DosiMat LVX or ExaCut.

Main Features
maximum spreading accuracy thanks to double symmetrical hose layout
transport position behind the tractor
remote releasing and folding of booms
installation with 3-point fitting
stable supporting frame tolerates large traction forces
even spraying distance between discharge lines ensures optimum growth
no additional power needed for tractor
EasyPack pre-installation