Power Spread Pro Long Wheel Base

The Powerspread Pro range consists of two models the 2400 gallon machine and the 3200 gallon model. The Pro 3200 has a capacity of about 15 tonnes in solid manure– the concept behind its development being to boost capacity and increase discharge rate to bring it in line with the output expected from similarly sized rear discharge spreaders.

While the Pro 3200 is aimed primarily at the contractor and large scale livestock farmer, the more conservative Powerspread 2400 has a capacity of about 11 tonnes and is ideally suited for use by more average size livestock units.

3200 Spread Pattern
Both models employ a large diameter horizontal auger to convey material to the centrally positioned rotor which then powers it out to the right of the machine to create an even, 20m wide spread pattern. The use of more vertical rather than sloping sides used in previous models, along with an agitator unit eliminates any tendency for material to bridge above the auger as the spreader empties.

Inside 3000 Virtical
The rotor, which turns at 750rpm, has an upward rotation and uses the specially strengthened edge of the exit door as a shear bar; material is reduced in size as it leaves the machine and creates an even spread pattern. The door itself has a hydraulically operated slide so that application rates can be controlled from the tractor cab.

Drop Down Rotor
Aware that extraneous material such as lengths of wood and large stones, can find their way into a spreader and cause blockages, Shelbourne has built in a raft of protection and clearance systems for the two new spreaders.

The main drive from the pto has a shear bolt protection and two further shear bolts provide over load protection for the rotor and auger drive – both of which employ simple chain and sprocket drive systems. The paddles are attached to the rotor by a single bolt and, as a result, when an obstacle is encountered, rotate backwards to prevent damag

Should the system experience a blockage, access to the machine is made easy by raising the exit door slide to its full extent and, for the first time, by being able to hydraulically lower the rotor to below floor level so the maximum accessible area becomes available.

A reverse drive facility is also fitted as standard enabling the operator to reverse the central feed auger in the event of a blockage.

For maintenance, a bank of greasing points are placed conveniently at the front of the spreader and supplies grease to all the main bearings. Chain tensioners ensure the two drive chains always run correctly.

An adjustable slurry deflector allows the operator to control the spread distance and height.

Slurry Deflector
Both the Pro 3200 and 2400 models require very little power to operate – the brunt of the power being required to handle the weight of the fully loaded spreaders. As such, Shelbourne Reynolds recommends a minimum of 120hp for the larger spreader.

Running gear comprises 650/65 R 30.5 Trelleborg flotation tyres on a single axle with an option for tandem axles. Options extend to air brakes rather than hydraulic brakes and, for those needing to know precise application rates, weigh cells can be fitted if specified.

Long Wheel Base 2400Long Wheel Base 3200Tandem Axel 2400
Capacity / Level11000 litres 2400 gallons (UK) 2900 gallons (US)14500 litres 3200 gallons (UK) 3850 gallons (US) 11000 litres 2400 gallons (UK) 2900 gallons (US)
Volume / Level11m³ (388ft³)14.5m³ (512ft³)11m³ (388ft³)
Overall Length7650mm (25')7650mm (25')7650mm (25')
Width Over Tyres2650mm (8'8")2650mm (8'8")2500mm (8'2")
Loading Height 2487mm (8'2")2780mm (9'1")2537mm (8'4")
Opening Length5200mm (17'1")5200mm (17'1")5200mm (17'1")
Width at Top of Tub2275mm (7'6")2477mm (8'2")2275mm (7'6")
Overall Height2487mm (8'2")3014mm (9'11")2537mm (8'4")
Tyre Size650/65 R30.5650/65 R30.5500/60-22.5
PTO Speed540rpm540rpm540rpm
Recommended Tractor Size 120hp Upwards120hp Upwards120hp Upwards
Unladen Weight5050kg (11135lbs)5310kg (11709lbs)5770kg (12723lbs)
Gross Weight 11850kg (26129lbs) *15050kg (33185lbs)12110kg (26703lbs) *18310kg (40374lbs)18290kg (40329lbs)
Unladen Drawbar Weight1014kg (2236lbs)1049kg (2313lbs)1139kg (2511lbs)
Max Axle Weight 9912kg (21856lbs) *12677kg (27953lbs) 10137kg (22352lbs) *15495kg (34166lbs)15046kg (33176lbs)
Max Drawbar Weight 1938kg (4773lbs) *2373kg (5232lbs)1973kg (4350lbs) *2815kg (6207lbs)3244kg (7153lbs)
Spread WidthUp to 18mUp to 18mUp to 18m
Door Size/Width1320mm1320mm1320mm
Door OperationDouble Acting Hydraulic RamDouble Acting Hydraulic RamDouble Acting Hydraulic Ram
Max Road Speed20mph (32km/h) 20mph (32km/h) 20mph (32km/h)