Erth Panbuster Grass Subsoiler


  • Sprung loaded disks cut a neat slot through the sod.
  • Low lift point lifts the soil structure evenly across the profile giving good lift with minimal soil disruption.
  • Hydraulic auto-reset for reliable performance and maximum output. Allows break-back pressure to be varied to suit conditions.
  • Rubber mounted main pivot (patent pending) allows the leg to oscillate sideways round obstacles increasing protection further.
  • Reset trips up and back to minimise stress and prevent stones rising to the surface.
  • Smooth roller c/w hydraulic depth adjustment levels the surface and closes the slot for a perfectfinish. Also gives positive depth control and improved traction.

Grass Subsoiler Options
  • • Sizes: 3-leg, 4-leg, 3 / 4 leg combi or 5-leg 3m machine.
  • Soft drive on rear roller.
  • Various leg options.
  • Steel toothed packer.
  • Longer side arms.
  • Extendable side arms allow transportation on standard trailer (width reduced to 7 feet)