Recessed Slurry Tanker

Fleming's Recessed Slurry Tankers are built to the highest standard and quality. All tankers in the Fleming range are welded and painted both inside and out to allow for longer life and protection.

Recessed slurry tanker models include:

- ST1600 - 6000 Litres

- ST2000 - 7500 Litres

- ST2300 - 8700 Litres


  • Oversized tyres provide low ground pressure and protect the structure of the ground
  • The tankers a easily pulled
  • Optimum weight distribution for maximum traction in difficult conditions

  • Internal protective coating on tanks for extended life.
  • Tank undergo a five stage cleaning and paint process culminating with oven curing to ensure maximum protection and durability from corrosive elements.
  • Four 6” (150mm) filler/discharge points as standard.
  • Galvanised and brass fittings for corrosion protection.
  • Hinged inspection hatch for easy cleaning.
  • Site glass at front and rear for fill indicator.
  • Tanks are baffled and braced for extra safety and durability. Minimising surge.
  • Primary and secondary safety trap on all models
  • Pressure vessel fully protected by a de-compression valve and pressure release valve
  • All tanks are continuous welded inside and out for extra strength and corrosion resistance
  • Quick hose attach mechanism for convenient clean hose attachment
  • Parking cable and hose stand
  • 20ft (6m) of 6” (150mm) suction hose on ST2300 and 4.6m hose on ST1600
  • 11,000ltr (LPM) Battioni long life Pump on ST2300 and 8000 L pump on ST1600
  • Full length reinforced sprung drawbar attached to axle reduces operating stress on tank and creates much smoother transport operation
  • Pump protector on both sides of drawbar
  • Sprung drawbar as standard with nylon wear plates
  • Heavy Duty cranked full commercial (420 x 180 brake) 10 stud axle. (40Km)(on ST2300 only)
  • Cranked axle gives a lower centre of Gravity for safer transport operation
  • All tyre specifications are weight rated to 40 Kp/h.

Transport Width2560mm2560mm2560mm
Unladen Weight 3340kgs3500kgs4380kgs
Max Laden weight10,604 kg14,822 kgs
10 stud straight braked axleYes
Tyres28.1 R26/1028.1 x R26 x 1030.5 x R32
Tyre Options 30.5 x R32850 x 60R x 30.5
Wall Thickness6mm6mm6mm
Commercial BrakesYes
Cranked Commercial Braked axle Yes