Rotary Lobe Pump FX-Series

FX Series – More Pumping, Less Maintenance

Pumping liquid manure is routine work in agriculture. The FX series is designed for daily use in an agricultural operation, taking into account the special requirements of liquid manure and making work easier while keeping costs manageable. With capacities of up to 270 m³/h and pressures of up to 8 bar, it is the right choice for day-to-day operations. Mobile (on a stand) and with its compact dimensions, it is exceptionally practical and can be operated anywhere thanks to its PTO shaft.


  • Self-priming, even from deep pits
  • Easy to reverse the flow direction
  • Resistant to foreign matter and fibrous matter
  • Low space requirement
  • PTO shaft connection
  • Easy to transport
  • Low-maintenance

Circulatory oil lubrication
Lubrication is time-consuming. This is why we equipped the FX series with an easy and effective circulatory oil lubrication. All the seals are permanently lubricated; there is no need for manual lubrication.

Rotating separation plate
Liquid manure contains large amounts of fibrous matter. It tends to accumulate in gaps and cavities in the pump and increase the torque. This increases wear, reduces pumping power and costs energy. The FarmerPump is equipped with a rotating separation plate. This results in one fewer places for fibre to get trapped, greater pumping power and lower diesel consumption.

Sealing technology
Mechanical seals are significantly longer lived than radial shaft seal rings. The FX series uses a block ring variant of the mechanical seal developed by Vogelsang to be long-lived and resistant to fibrous matter. The high-tech gasket for pumping liquid manure: more pumping and less time servicing.

Lobe – It’s all about the rubber
A metal core coated in rubber forms the basis of our rotary lobe, making it resistant to foreign matter and high pressures. We developed extra-suitable compounds for our rotary lobe pumps in close cooperation with specialist companies that can guarantee us constant quality at the highest level. These compounds allow us to tailor each pump to the medium in question. We have various options available for the elastomeric coating on the double-wing rotary lobes of the FX series, such as: NBR, SBR, FPM or Werobust.

We selected a grey cast iron with good antifriction properties and a large resistance to abrasive wear as the material for rotary lobe pumps in the FX series. The wear plates on the face side of the pump chamber are made of highly wear-resistant special steel.

FX 116-60FX 116-120FX 116-180FX 116-240FX 116-300
STROKE VOLUME, I/U1.162.323.484.645.80
MAX. CAPACITY I/MIN7501500225030003800
MAX. CAPACITY M³/H4590135180225
MAX. SPEED RPM650650650650650